Weekly, Short Readings based on Tony Jordan's Book, "King David"

Tony Jordan is Penny's brother and for over forty years he was the pastor of a Pentecostal church at Bulwell, Nottingham.    He studied at the Assemblies of God Bible College at Kenley, where he met his wife Beth.    He has also preached at the Church at Gun Hill.    Here he has produced some brief readings summarising each topic.


In "KING DAVID - His Times and Our Life" Tony explores David's failures and victories, his joys and regrets as a springboard to see the lessons we need to learn and apply in the twenty first century.

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 Week 1:   audio symbol David with Warts and All
 Week 2:   audio symbol Beginning at the End
 Week 3:   audio symbol God's Seeds Grow in Fertile Ground
 Week 4:   audio symbol The Return of the King Maker
 Week 5:   audio symbol David's Heart
 Week 6:   audio symbol Jesus, the Ultimate Image of God
 Week 7:   audio symbol The Loss of God's Blessing
 Week 8:   audio symbol Does God Have a Plan "B"?
 Week 9:   audio symbol Diagnosing the Illness
 Week 10: audio symbol The Cottage Cheese Expedition
 Week 11: audio symbol David, a Shepherd King
 Week 12: audio symbol The Necessity of Leadership
 Week 13: audio symbol Success and its Pitfalls
 Week 14: audio symbol The Escape
 Week 15: audio symbol Listening to Advice
 Week 16: audio symbol The Nature of Friendship
 Week 17: audio symbol The Use of Subterfuge
 Week 18: audio symbol The Effects and Consequences of Fear

 Week 19: audio symbol The Vulnerable City
 Week 20: audio symbol Proof of the Pudding is in the Eating
 Week 21: audio symbol Another Psalm from the Giant's Den
 Week 22: audio symbol The Cave of Adullam
 Week 23: audio symbol Alone
 Week 24: audio symbol The Razor Sharp Tongue
 Week 25: audio symbol Principles to Live By
 Week 26: audio symbol David's Prop
 Week 27: audio symbol An Embarrassing Encounter
 Week 28: audio symbol Don't Spoil the Coronation Day
 Week 29: audio symbol Resentment's Rush
 Week 30: audio symbol Claiming the Future
 Week 31: audio symbol Living with the Enemy
 Week 32: audio symbol Saul's Descent into Spiritism
 Week 33: audio symbol David Failed to do a Risk Assessment
 Week 34: audio symbol Saul Lost His Life Because He Lost his Way
 Week 35: audio symbol An Elegy or a Eulogy
 Week 36: audio symbol Don't Lose Your Crown

Picture of King David book Picture of Tony Jordan

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