Uncle Bill's Stories for Children

Bill West was the pastor at the Church at Gun Hill from the mid 1950s until the mid 1960s. He was previously the pastor at Laindon Elim Church when Graham arrived there for Sunday School in 1953. After Gun Hill, he became the pastor at Rayleigh Elim, following which he and his wife served the Lord in Guyana, South America. He was a regular preacher at the Church at Gun Hill both before and after he retired.
Here he gives us some of his famous kids' stories with which he amused and delighted the children whenever he came to preach.

Picture of Kids

Here are some very amusing stories as told by Uncle Bill. Not only are the stories amusing and funny but they teach us something about the way Jesus would want us to live our lives.

Story 1:   audio symbol   Ivan the Iron

Story 2:   audio symbol   Terry the Toad

Story 3:   audio symbol   Clara the Candle

Story 4:   audio symbol   Charlie and Cuthbert

Story 5:   audio symbol   Cecilia and Charlie Cockroach

Story 6:   audio symbol   The Gardening Competition

Picture of Bill West

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