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Wm F P Burton
No Weapons
So Near, So Far
Ignoring Warning
Night up a Tree
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Queen of the Night
The Atheist
Out of a Horrible Pit

Wm. F. P. Burton

Mukose Ignores the Warning

Two friends were cutting down a tree. They had hacked their way right into the heart of the great forest giant and it was just tottering for its fall.

They were tired with their work and one sat down for a while, to rest and mop away the perspiration, before his final effort to lay the tree low. He was not scared.

He was an agile fellow and thought himself quite capable of leaping to safety when the final crash came. He had done so many a time. Thus, when his companion shouted, "Look out!" he did not exert himself. His eye was on the trunk, but he did not take into account the mighty branches, which stretched in tangled confusion for many yards on each side of the main stem.

"Look out! Run!" shrieked his companion. Those great trees take several seconds to fall, but the last rush is terribly swift.

The silly fellow now took a frantic leap to save himself but he was too late. A great branch pinned him to the ground and almost cut him in half. His back was broken. He was finished.

How necessary it is to listen to the warning voice. The wise man wrote in Ecclesiastes 8 v 11 "Because the sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil." Men think it does not matter. God is not taking any notice. But "he that being often reproved hardeneth his neck shall suddenly be destroyed and that without remedy." (Proverbs 29 v 1).

Flee to the Lord Jesus while the day of salvation continues, lest you find yourself eternally doomed, shrieking, "I'm too late! Too late!"

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