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Wm F P Burton
No Weapons
So Near, So Far
Ignoring Warning
Night up a Tree
Living Stones
Gaol Bird
Queen of the Night
The Atheist
Out of a Horrible Pit

Wm. F. P. Burton


Congo scene by Wm.F.P. Burton

These illustrations have constantly been used in the great halls of crowded cities, in tents and open air meetings, around the fire in African villages, in cottage meetings and Sunday schools. They have gone out over the air as radio messages and been printed as tracts and in magazines.

Eternity alone will reveal how many precious souls they have helped to understand God's plan of salvation in the Lord Jesus.

I believe that they still have life in them and so I send them out, trusting that folk will feel free to use them in any way that will point a sinner to the crucified and risen Christ.

Wm. F. P. Burton

Line with three crosses

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