Here are some quotes from the famous and with them some words of wisdom from God's word, the Bible.
Corrie Ten Boom (Holocaust Survivor)
Sir Cliff Richard (Singer)
Thomas Jefferson (Former American President)
Billy Graham (Evangelist)
George Horace Lorimer (Journalist/Editor)
Kristen Goeser (Inspirational Speaker)
George Eliot (Writer)
John Ruskin (Painter)
Eleanor Roosevelt (Wife of former USA President)
Dr Johnson (Poet and Biographer)
Christina Rossetti (Poet)
Abraham Lincoln (Former American President)
George Bernard Shaw (Author/Playwright)
Oscar Hammerstein (Operatic Lyricist)
George Stephenson (Engineer)
Anthony Trollope (Novelist)
David Livingstone (Missionary)
Robert Louis Stevenson (Writer)
J.R.R. Tolkien (Writer)
Beethoven (Composer)
JM Barrie (Author/Playwright)
Henry Ford (founder - Ford Motor Company)
Wilbert Awdrey (Author)
St Francis of Assisi
Thomas Edison (Scientist)
Charles Dickens (Author)
Sir James Dewar (Scientist)
Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe (Poet and dramatist)