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El-Shadai Malawi Women's Refuge
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El-Shadai Children's Home
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Some members of our fellowship support the El-Shadai children's home in Chennai, India on an individual and private basis. However, over the years, we have been privileged to receive the ministry of its founder, Joseph Paul and his wife Lydia, on the occasion of their visits to this country. The visits are usually arranged by India Link Ministries, a registered, Basildon-based charity, which raises support for a number of Indian Christian workers. The following statement is from the El-Shadai website:

‘EL–Shadai Charitable Trust’ is called to work for the upliftment and rehabilitation of millions of down trodden, destitute children by providing them good shelter, education, food and clothes and to rear them up as useful citizens of the nation by showering an abundance of love and care on a personal level by witnessing and to serve the orphaned with a great love of God to be a beacon of hope to the hopeless, love to the unloved and joy to the joyless irrespective of colour, caste, religion, sex or creed.

Sadly, we learned that Lydia died on Thursday, 29 September 2011 - 35 years of age. We had been aware of the emergency which had left her unconscious and on a life-support machine. We had all joined in prayer for her, but she passed into the presence of her Saviour and Lord.

EL–Shadai - love to the unloved, hope to the hopeless & joy to the joyless.

Events in May 2019:: Visit of Joseph Paul - El-Shadai Orphanage, Chennai, India - 26 May 2019

Joseph Paul preaching It was with great joy that we welcomed Joseph Paul to our Sunday morning meeting. A number of church members support Joseph's work in India and have done so since 2002. From small beginnings it has grown so much that it provides a marvellous service for young, homeless children and has, more recently, extended its work to cater fro a small number of elderly people who have no family support.

Joseph's message to us was from the prophet Jeremiah chapter 40, emphasising the fact that in all circumstances the Lord keeps and prospers His people.

During his message, Paul referred to the current, difficult situation in India for Christians, with the election of an intolerant Hindu government and many examples of persecution of Christians. Pray for him and the Gospel outreach that he is involved in. he told us of an example where they had been working in a certain area and when they returned to their car it had been set alight and destroyed. Pray for India and pray for the El-Shadai home in Chennai.

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