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Missions Work in Malawi

Malawi missionary Jackie Griffiths with children

We supported Jackie Griffiths when she was a missionary in Haiti and in 2014, we agreed to renew our support as she went back to Malawi, to Hope Village, Chikwawa.
In 2014 we sent £738.07: in 2015 £1,926.50: in 2016 £1,557.83
So far in 2017 we have sent £851.31.

Jackie writes (July 2014):

Elim Missions Department recently informed me that your church wish to support me in my forthcoming return to Malawi. I would be grateful if you could please pass on my sincere thanks to the leaders and church members alike. I really do appreciate your interest and am humbled by people's willingness to support me in this.

Jackie's Latest Newsletter October 2016

Malawi scenesMalawi scenes

Our very short “winter” season has been and gone and we’re now back up to sweltering temperatures of 42 degrees! It is very dry and dusty and we are praying that we will have good rainfall this year. The effects of crop failure for the past two years is now having a devastating effect and daily we have people coming to us hungry and in search of food. Thanks to donations we have been able to distribute food to those in need. You can see the difference food has made to the lady pictured here who was very sick and unable to produce enough milk for her baby because she herself was eating so little. We are now able to provide regular food for her and milk for her baby and I hardly recognised her when she came in a few weeks later.

In an attempt to help the wider community with food, discussions were made with the Big Chief who agreed to give us, free of charge, a large piece of land close to the Shire River where another organisation has already set up an irrigation system which we can use. The Chief arranged for the ground to be ploughed and so what is left for us to do is plant the seeds and wait for the crops to grow so that we can provide more food to those in need.

Malawi scenesMalawi scenes

The past few months I have been taking various people to hospital for various kinds of help. Stephen is one that we have been helping to get a new prosthetic leg, thanks to donors who made this possible. A couple of trips were made to Blantyre to get measured and fitted and also to undergo physiotherapy. Stephen was delighted with his new prosthetic as it is so much lighter than the previous one and much easier for him to play football which he loves. He was also in much need of a new bicycle to enable him to get to and from school. The look of joy on his face when we turned up at his home with his new bike was a delight to see.

Malawi scenes

Chida is a 16 year old boy who has hydrocephalus and was in need of a new wheelchair. They live in a remote village which takes about 20 minutes to get to in the car, but his Mum, who is a small woman in stature, walks to Hope Village pushing the chair which takes her at least 2 hours AND in this heat! I then take them to a clinic on the Ilova Sugar estate where physiotherapists come from Blantyre. They made a new chair specifically fitted for Chida which makes life just a little easier for Chida and his Mum.

Thank you again for your ongoing support and prayers.

Jackie Griffiths

Further information can be found on the website at www.hopevillagemalawi.com

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